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I'm a passionate photographer and skilled designer who offers a wide range of services in Bristol. Photography, consultancy and publishing, all in one place, for better quality and consistency.

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Real estate photography

Property Photography in Bristol


Recently I updated my VR & 360° photography services for real estate to comply with COVID-19 guidelines. I offer appealing interior, exterior and aerial images for Architects, Interior Designers, Property Developers, Estate Agents, Landlords & Homeowners, Hospitality & Tourism. Other commercial clients can also benefit from my property photography services, virtual tours, VR, 3D and 360° photography, elevated mast and aerial photography. On top of this I can help you with leaflets, graphics and web design. Check out my gallery or learn more...

Portrait photography

Portrait Photography in Bristol


Many corporate clients I met are camera shy and do not like posing! Good news if you are one of them - there is no need to do that. We can work together to find your best angles and try some tricks and techniques proven to work every time, while makes you feel comfortable. You'll appreciate also my retouching skills when you’ll see the final images. In other words, if you are camera-shy, I can help. I’m proud to be very approachable and relaxed yet passionate about photography and professional. Check out my handy album: portrait portfolio

Event photography

Wedding Photography in Bristol


Family portraits, birthdays, anniversaries , weddings. Concerts, reportage, behind the scenes, 360 live video streaming. For parties, weddings and events I offer complimentary services like photo-booth and red carpet.

Check out my handy albums, from the real events:
wedding   |   engagement   |   prom

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Virtual Reality

Please check out our Transforming real estate with Virtual Reality article or use a contact form if you are looking for a specific answer, VR experience in Bristol/UK, virtual tours and 360 degrees photography or video services including guided tours and slideshows, video roof inspections, 360 degrees live streaming or 360 video over-capture as well as drone photography, giga-pixel panorama or just a high quality imaging.

MacPixel VR - Virtual Tours - 360° panoramas and VR Experience


Research, design & proper implementation are fundamental components of successful visual communication. My graphics design consultancy services are focused on all three aspects. Your company narrative has to be consistent and even great images can jeopardise your efforts if used poorly. I apply colour science to my projects and take advantage of cutting edge technologies. Highest quality images are complementary to the great design.

MacPixel - Everything Visual!



For professional photographers I have affordable outsourcing options. Expand your business with my help - everything from a second shooter and retoucher to publisher. Monitor calibration gratis!

For more details head over to Photoshop Jedi (retouching) and Portfolio247 (publishing).

Second shooter

Big events could be like a war zone! But don’t panic! Just ask for my help. You can book another professional photographer to alleviate some of the burden and cover all important moments. Two photographers are usually a better choice than one (definitely for a big wedding). I offer serious discounts for a second shooter service and complimentary culling and retouching services, to provide consistent look across all images.

Two different perspectives, the same professional look!

I also design albums, wedding invitations and more...

For reference please check out this wedding invitation website: or Book now!

second shooter on a red carpet
Second shooter and red carpet


I don't really like reviews or simple testimonials, I prefer case studies instead, showing real-life examples of how valuable my services are. The following are some steps on how I managed to retouch an image from a bad JPG file to the final version ready to print. I have to highlight that in order to satisfy my client I had to de-age her image by 20 years. I like to make my clients happy and help them to accomplish their goals.

retouching example

For efficient retouching, skills are equally important as good workflow. All my photographs are retouched on the EIZO CG277 a colour critical wide gamut monitor with build-in hardware colour calibration. I'm working on Mac, using Wacom tablet to fix all imperfections and I print my pictures using Canon imagePROGRAF - the best 12 ink professional printing system to date. I also use multiple programs from Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom to advanced colour management and printing solutions - everything I need to meet the highest industry standards of image editing.

Even high resolution files from DSLR camera and top notch prime lenses are only a base without proper retouching. Shoot RAW! and send your files to the photoshop expert. I offer retouching services for individual clients, photographers and agencies.

For all colour critical services like pack-shots or editorial photography bundled with retouching, I offer monitor calibration for free!

calibrated workflow


Great design and high quality materials. All you need to shine! For business and individuals, small scale printing solutions and custom design. From model's portfolio, e-commerce, leaflets and brochures to the menu and wall decors in a restaurant. Everything visual, refined to the finest detail.

Fine art prints & albums

I believe that good photographs deserves to be displayed. Even high quality 4K display can't compete with good print hanged on the wall. The crucial thing is that print have to be good quality, otherwise it won't please your eyes. Hahnemühle Fine Art Baryta is one of my all-time favourite papers which delivers great colour, strong black tones and exceptional details, and I use it for most of my printing requirements.

Lay-flat photo album with rigid boards and natural leather, acrylic panels or Swarovski crystals - choose your favourite cover. Sophisticated and unique.

Complementing the range of publishing services I offer also private online gallery and custom designed mobile application - Handy Album. More information...


I wish there was someone who would pass his knowledge to me, so I could avoid reinventing the wheel over and over again. On the other hand, I developed my own tricks and shortcuts, which I'm happy to teach others. I find learning as self-rewarding task and I practise a lot to these days. I met many people who thought that new photo gear will improve their pictures. It can be true if you are willing to put a lot of work and make tons of mistakes in the process. But there is a shortcut...

If you are into photography, you can benefit from my skills and background in education. Especially if you are working hard to step up your game as a professional photographer or just simply trying to go out of an auto mode (the green program in your camera), as a hobbyist or as an advanced enthusiast who wants to sharpen skills in Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom, learn about colour science and calibration. Expand your creativity through a streamline workflow, save your time and money using best kept secrets and knowledge which many pro photographers do not want to share.

I offer one-on-one photography training sessions, photography workshops, content curating and mentoring programs.

A bit of history - CODMUCA project 2007 with ARRIS Communications Ireland
European Union Grant - 2007 CODMUCA project

About me

Thank you for visiting my website. My name is Mac and I’ve been exploring visual art and science for over two decades. I'm passionate about VR since it was invented.

20 years ago as an IT graduate (Multimedia & AI) working on the frontier of eLearning I realised that I can merge my soft skills with hardcore science and interests in psychology, marketing, ergonomics, aesthetics & art.

I developed my career as an HCI expert (human-computer interaction). At the same time I’ve been running a successful graphic design agency with photography and multimedia in the core of my business. VR technology has given me a great opportunity to expand my business and cover everything visual, unleashing my full potential in art and science.

Please visit my social media: Facebook & Instagram for updates and my gallery for more images.

I have also few Handy album demos here:

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My clients

I evolved over last 20 years from my background in IT and graphics design (UI/UX design and audits) to photography. My client base has evolved with me and spans from the IT and Telecoms corporate clients, financial sector (mostly banks and insurance companies), the FMCG companies, real estate agencies, hotels, restaurants and small businesses. My work was also featured by Avon and Somerset Constabulary in the Police recruitment campaign. Some of my clients:

some of my clients